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Telephone Systems

Every customer has individual requirements that may be slightly or significantly different from another business. In our world of very technical voice and data communications products, there is no such thing as "one size fits all". Because of this reality, VoxCom Voice & Data Solutions is affiliated with a number of world-class communications equipment manufacturers and offers products such as Avaya's Partner ACS - the best-selling small telephone system in the United States. We also offer the Norstar product line from Nortel Networks - the best-selling small telephone system in the world. These products and others allow allow us to select the best product for a customer's requirements, not limited to one particular manufacturer's offering.

Data Communications Equipment

Data communications equipment comes in countless varieties from countless manufacturers. Without looking at the brand and model, it is often difficult to tell one unit from another. However, just like people, the inside is what's important. If shared internet access, email and light file sharing is the requirement, a "light weight" Ethernet switch will do the job. More intensive networking requirements such as client/server database applications require a more robust solution. Products from Nortel Networks, Allied Telesyn, Linksys and others allow us to configure the right solution for a customer.

Loudspeaker Paging

Communicating with customers and staff can be critical to the successful operation of your business. Quite often staff must leave their desk in order to fulfill their duty, or in a warehouse or manufacturing environment, staff may not have a desk or telephone at all. Loudspeaker paging is often the most cost-effective means of contacting staff. While amplifier technology has not drastically changed over the past several years, getting the actual audio signal (i.e. the actual page message) to the amplifier has changed dramatically. New technology allows paging between buildings on the same campus or across the country by using an existing data network. Cost-effective and easy to use.